Zoundry Raven™ is our next generation WYSIWYG blog editor that makes posting to your blogs easier and faster. It's as easy to use as a word processor, plus we include simple tools to add links, tags, photos, music and video files, and more.


Tabbed WYSIWYG Editing

We hide powerful XHTML editing behind our intuitive UI so you can be sure that what you create is what others will see online.

Multiple Blogs Made Easy

Do you have multiple blogs for different audiences? We make it easy to write and publish to separate blogs all with one editor.

Improved Content Management

With our powerful indexer, you can browse all of your previous posts across all of your blogs by tags, links, or images.

Portable Application

Install Raven as a Portable Application on your flash/thumb drive. We'll stay out of your Windows registry and let you take your Blogging on the road.

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Supported Blog Platforms:

Blogger, Movable Type & TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, and more...

Open Source

Zoundry Raven Goes Open Source!

Join us in making Raven the best blog editor on the market today. Read the full announcement here on our blog.


Zoundry Raven screenshots
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ver 1.0.375 - Windows